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25 hilarious pictures prove you should never underestimate the importance of spacing in Life

1.This interestingly named nail polish.


2. This complete and utter bargain.

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3. This sign that’s a little TMI.


4. This label that escalates way too quickly.


5. This Starbucks cup that proves Clint can’t catch a break.


6. I mean, maybe people are trying to tell you something, Clint.


7.This interestingly named restaurant.

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Funny sayings of the week

Funny sayings of the week Do-not-ever-underestimate-m I-changed-my-car-horn-to-gu Remember-when-you-use-to-be Some-people-are-like-clouds That-awkward-moment-when-yo That's-about-as-suspicious- We're-friends. You're-not-truly You-seem-to-actually-know-t