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Tesco Shopper gets Clubcard Tattooed On Arm So He Never Misses A Bargain

Want to stop frequently forgetting your Tesco Clubcard? This man, though, offers a remedy for your forgetfulness. Last Saturday (July 16), the 30 years old Dean Mayhew spent £200 to have the QR code from his Clubcard permanently inked at A Star Tattoos in Chessington, southwest London.

Dean Mayhew got his Clubcard tattooed on his arm

Now that the store offers a variety of discounts and specials, Dean always carries his card with him.

Dan Rossetter, a tattoo artist, is shown stenciling the code onto a piece of paper before applying it to Dean’s wrist in a video that has now gone viral on TikTok.

The tattoo artist is then seen meticulously copying the complex code with his needle in the hope that Tesco will be able to scan it.

Dean and Dan attempt to use the code to purchase cookies in the video by going to the closest Tesco store. Unfortunately, because of the strange angle, Dean is unable to sufficiently bend his arm to allow the code to scan.

After what appears to be a failure, the cashier tries his luck and manages to scan the tattooed Clubcard.

Since the tattoo has impressed TikTok viewers, expect to see some imitators in the near future. Depending on how many different discount cards someone possesses, there may also be armfuls of QR codes.

Dean went under the needle so he would never forget his Clubcard

One said: “Late game capitalism,” as another joked: “@Tesco you’ve got to change his membership number.”

A third added: “That’s brilliant,” while a fourth wrote: “F*****g class.”

Dean said he now uses it all the time: “I’m chuffed, I love it and use it all the time. I use it every morning when I go to Tesco before work.

“I used it this morning. It’s one of those things where I get to see people’s faces and make them smile.”

“One lady giggled and asked me for a photo” he admitted.

Dean says the tattoo works best on manned checkouts

Dean said at the moment of decision. “I’ve wanted to do it for ages, about three months I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I just thought it would be funny.

The QR barcode can be read by handheld scanners

“They’re (cashiers) just stunned and look at me and say ‘that’s not real’ and I say it is.

“I just thought it is what it is, even if it didn’t work it still looks alright.”

Source: ladbible.com

A woman labeled as “gross-girl” lives in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t shower for weeks

A woman who claims to live in the “middle of nowhere” has justified her “gross” way of living, which includes skipping her daily teeth-brushing routine and going a week without taking a shower.

The “gross things I do because I live alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no touch with other humans,” Annabel Fenwick Elliott admitted on TikTok.

Annabel Fenwick Elliott took to TikTok to explain that she doesn't shower, brush her teeth or use deodorant very often.

First, self-described “gross girl” Elliott explained that she doesn’t shower very often, “literally sometimes for a week.”

“I don’t see the point, I don’t really like the feeling, being wet and then having to get dry and it’s cold,” she sighed.

She also said she doesn’t use deodorant — “again I don’t see the point.”

“I don’t see anyone and it doesn’t bother me — I don’t feel very dirty even though I am,” she continued.

Annabel added that she doesn't brush her hair, even though she knows it will get "matted" if she doesn't.

“It’s gross, isn’t it. I do use deodorant if I’m going to Tesco — out of courtesy for other people, but really only then.”

Elliott added that she doesn’t brush her hair, even though she knows it will get “matted” if she doesn’t.

“I don’t brush my teeth very often either,” she said.

“I know that’s really bad and stupid. I don’t like brushing them first thing in the morning because first thing in the morning I eat and it makes everything taste weird.

“You shouldn’t brush your teeth after you eat immediately because apparently, you circulate the food into your teeth which is bad for them — a dentist told me that.

“So given that I snack all day or otherwise forget, there’s just never a good time.”

And when it comes to keeping her crockery and utensils clean, she just rinses them — with water and no soap — because she has a favorite mug and favorite bowl that she always uses.

“I also don’t make my bed and I’m also really stingy about using laundry tablets because they’re really expensive,” she said.

She also just rinses her favourite mug with water so she can use it again and again - rather than putting it in the dishwasher.

Concluding her video, Elliott stated: “So I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to soap and toothpaste and detergent because I’m a hippie, but maybe deep down, inside my soul, I am just a hippie.”

The people who commented on the video were divided on Elliott’s statement regarding her way of life, with one writing: “I work for myself and live alone. I do pretty much the same. It’s heaven!”

“I’m not sure why I’m watching this because I’m the complete opposite,” someone else added.

“Are you like this because you live alone or do you live alone because you live like this? No judgment literally my dream life,” another person asked.

To which Elliott replied: “Ha good question! I am far more civilized when living with others.

“Have just been living alone since I moved out of London during the pandemic.”

Source: nypost.com

Johnny Depp to star as the French king as he arrives in Paris to film the first movie since winning the defamation trial

Since winning his defamation case against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been spotted leaving for Paris to begin filming his first movie. The first movie project Depp has worked on after his well-publicized defamation victory over Amber Heard earlier this month was the announcement that he has been cast as Louis XV of France in Maiwenn’s film.

On Monday, June 27, the actor arrived in Paris and was taken to his hotel by security.

Johnny Depp has arrived in Paris where filming for Maiwenn’s new historical drama is expected to begin. Credit: Shutterstock

According to Metro, Maiwenn’s movie, which is currently named Jeanne du Barry on IMDb, will shoot over the course of the next three months in the Palace of Versailles and other locations in and around Paris.

Despite being accused of corruption and immoral behavior toward the conclusion of his 59-year reign, Louis XV died in unfavorable circumstances. Jeanne du Barry, Louis XV’s final mistress, will be portrayed by Maiwenn.

Following a Virginia jury’s decision that Heard, the actor’s ex-wife, must pay him $15 million in damages for domestic abuse charges she made in a 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post, which they agreed defamed Depp, Depp touched down in Paris a few weeks ago.

Can Johnny Depp and Amber Heard make a comeback after defamation trial?  Hollywood experts weigh in | EW.com

Later, the charges were limited to $10.35 million, and Heard was given $2 million in damages via a counterclaim in a separate judgment.

However, on June 24, Depp and Heard’s legal teams were unable to strike a last-minute agreement. Heard’s legal team has indicated that she will likely appeal the decision, which would bring them both back into court.

And while Depp is getting ready to play a brand-new part, Captain Jack Sparrow is one character whose shoes we won’t be seeing him fill anytime soon.

Johnny Depp is seen leaving his hotel to go to the airport after spending a few days incognito in the French capital Paris.

Depp appeared to affirm this week that he won’t ever make another appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The actor’s rep has dismissed the rumors that he will be making a comeback, telling NBC that they were “made up.”

The remarks made by Depp’s agent were in response to a Pop Topic post that stated Disney was “hopeful” Depp would reprise the role and had been given $301 million to do so.

Johnny Depp getting out of a car.

Johnny Depp, who has established himself as the face of the successful franchise, last portrayed Jack Sparrow in 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

Two more Pirates movies, one of which purportedly will feature Margot Robbie, are in development, but the 59-year-old actor isn’t involved in any of them.

Source: ladbible.com

Video of an Australian pub owner fighting a charging crocodile off with a frying pan goes viral

The viral video shows an Australian pub owner using a frying pan to fend off a crocodile. People watching from a distance captured the action as Kai Hansen used a frying pan to combat an enraged crocodile in front of him. Hansen, the proprietor of pub Storyful, provided the footage on his own initiative. In the footage, Kai can be seen standing in front of the crocodile.

Man fights off crocodile with a frying pan at NT pub in Australia | Daily  Mail Online

Amazingly, he didn’t seem alarmed as an 8-foot crocodile began to circle his Goat Island lodge. Hansen used his preferred weapon, a frying pan, to engage the charging reptile rather than turning and fleeing.

The crocodile appeared to rethink the attack after receiving a few blows to the head, turned aside, and swam back to the water.

The wild incident was captured on tape and immediately gained popularity on social media. Despite the incredible video, Hansen told Daily Mail Australia that using a frying pan to fend off a large reptile was nothing out of the normal for him.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday event, but I’ve got to stay safe and do what I can,” he said.

“When you’re driving along in a car and all of a sudden a dog is right in front of you, are you scared, no, you just do what you have to do,” the publican continued, adding that in this scenario it all worked out alright. “No one got hurt and the croc got a good lesson.”


Hansen continued by recounting some of his previous encounters with the saltwater crocodiles that were present in the area. His beloved dog Dumb Blonde was devoured by a crocodile that was about 10 feet long in 2018. A similar case happened in Florida where a man grabbed a 9-foot alligator in an attempt to save the beloved family dog.

Even while Hansen may consider fighting reptiles to be just another day in the life, the video left many online users in awe, and many of them expressed their shock in the comments area.

“Who’s crazier? The old man for hitting the gator with a frying pan, or the gator for messing with the old man?” one person tweeted.

Others were quick to note that the bizarre scene would only ever happen in Australia.

“Only in Australia, got to love it,” one person tweeted, while another agreed that the scene was “peak Australia.”

Source: vt.co