Video of an Australian pub owner fighting a charging crocodile off with a frying pan goes viral

The viral video shows an Australian pub owner using a frying pan to fend off a crocodile. People watching from a distance captured the action as Kai Hansen used a frying pan to combat an enraged crocodile in front of him. Hansen, the proprietor of pub Storyful, provided the footage on his own initiative. In the footage, Kai can be seen standing in front of the crocodile.

Man fights off crocodile with a frying pan at NT pub in Australia | Daily  Mail Online

Amazingly, he didn’t seem alarmed as an 8-foot crocodile began to circle his Goat Island lodge. Hansen used his preferred weapon, a frying pan, to engage the charging reptile rather than turning and fleeing.

The crocodile appeared to rethink the attack after receiving a few blows to the head, turned aside, and swam back to the water.

The wild incident was captured on tape and immediately gained popularity on social media. Despite the incredible video, Hansen told Daily Mail Australia that using a frying pan to fend off a large reptile was nothing out of the normal for him.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday event, but I’ve got to stay safe and do what I can,” he said.

“When you’re driving along in a car and all of a sudden a dog is right in front of you, are you scared, no, you just do what you have to do,” the publican continued, adding that in this scenario it all worked out alright. “No one got hurt and the croc got a good lesson.”


Hansen continued by recounting some of his previous encounters with the saltwater crocodiles that were present in the area. His beloved dog Dumb Blonde was devoured by a crocodile that was about 10 feet long in 2018. A similar case happened in Florida where a man grabbed a 9-foot alligator in an attempt to save the beloved family dog.

Even while Hansen may consider fighting reptiles to be just another day in the life, the video left many online users in awe, and many of them expressed their shock in the comments area.

“Who’s crazier? The old man for hitting the gator with a frying pan, or the gator for messing with the old man?” one person tweeted.

Others were quick to note that the bizarre scene would only ever happen in Australia.

“Only in Australia, got to love it,” one person tweeted, while another agreed that the scene was “peak Australia.”