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An American Man Lashes Out At Australia and says it’s a terrible place to live in

Australia is a “terrible place to live,” according to an outspoken American business consultant, who also warns that things are “going downhill rapidly” for the nation. In a shocking TikTok video posted this week, Rafael Cintron, the CEO of the immigration agency Wealthy Expat, detailed why he would never choose to reside in Australia.

‘Australia is a terrible place to live,’ the Dubai-based consultant starts the video.

‘High taxes, (Covid) regulations like we saw with the situation around the world. It’s heading downhill fast, and a lot of people are leaving the country quick.’

Rafael Cintron, the CEO of immigration firm Wealthy Expat, (pictured) explained why he would never live Down Under in a short TikTok video posted on Wednesday

‘Recently they finally opened for Australians to leave the country, they were stuck for months and months,’ he said. ‘The country’s future is looking darker than ever.’

Mr. Cintron, a Puerto Rican-American citizen of the United States who resides in Dubai, told Daily Mail Australia that while Australia has traditionally been a great and prosperous nation, many of its citizens are unhappy with the current administration.

‘A lot of our Australian clients are extremely disappointed in the government’s response to the Covid crisis for example when Australian citizens were even banned from returning to their home country to control the spread of Covid-19,’ he said. 

‘When citizens protested, they were met with severe punishments and physical violence.’ 

He claimed that Australians pay some of the highest taxes in the world.

Mr Cintron (pictured) told Daily Mail Australia that while traditionally Australia is a great and prosperous country, many citizens had recently become dissatisfied with their government

According to the expert, the tax rate for people with high incomes can be above 45% of their earnings and is between 32.5 and 37% for people with moderate incomes.

On TikTok, Mr. Cintron criticized other nations, notably New Zealand, which he claimed was “becoming North Korea” because of its stringent Covid regulations.

The consultant criticized Canada as well, claiming that individuals were leaving due to the same laws and regulations that Australia had.

In comparison to Australia, he claimed that the best examples of safe, low-tax nations with few limitations are Switzerland, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Portugal.

‘I’m an Aussie. You forgot to mention high wages, universal healthcare, awesome gun control, stunning weather, and happy citizens,’ one said. 

Mr Cintron, pictured with a friend, lives in Dubai, where there is no personal income tax

‘Mate your dreaming. We are the best country on the planet,’ another said. 

‘Australia is one of the best countries to live in. Especially Melbourne, lots of work opportunities and a good place to start a family,’ a third commented. 

It comes after a British woman living in Australia shared a pros and cons list of each country, with ‘boring’ used to describe her time Down Under.

Deborah relocated from East Yorkshire to New York after completing her undergraduate studies in 2001.

Deborah decided she needed to be nearer to the family after witnessing the horrible events of September 11 from her office window. She relocated to Sydney, where one of her sisters lived, then after six years, she moved to Melbourne.

The British ex-pat created a list of advantages and disadvantages of living in each nation and posted it to the Facebook group Ping Pong Poms, which is for “those thinking about coming back to the UK.”

Just came back from the UK and am feeling, so jet lagged and homesick,’ Deborah wrote.

Mr Cintron (pictured) has hit out at other countries on TikTok including New Zealand, which he said was 'turning into North Korea' due to its strict Covid restrictions

‘Was up at 1:30 this morning writing a pros and cons list as feel so flat after a lovely time in the UK summer.’

Family, stunning scenery, supermarkets, countryside cottages, school buddies, universities, history, proximity to Europe, additional entertainment options for children, chocolate, a festive spirit, charming market towns, and pubs were all positive aspects of living in the UK.

The second safest country to live in, schools, restaurants, more space, more chances for kids, lower unemployment, higher salary, schools, less public debt, a robust economy, longer life expectancy, wonderful tap water, and outdoor pools topped Australia’s pros list.

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s list of advantages included year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, low levels of pollution, and content residents.

Deborah posted a pros and cons list of living in Australia and the UK to a Facebook group for 'people thinking about moving back to the UK' on Tuesday (pictured)

Deborah listed 11 drawbacks for Australia, two more than she did for the UK, including that it’s dull, far away, devoid of history, terrible supermarkets, horrible chocolate, costly, sluggish internet, everything wants to kill you, shopping isn’t as good/fun, and crumpets are so bad.

The UK’s drawbacks include terrible tap water, congested roads, the majority of the year being cold and dreary, driving standards, long commutes to concerts and airports, long wait times in hospitals, outside London restaurants being inferior to those in Australia, and political upheaval.

The homesick British expat (left) wrote the list after returning home from a trip to the UK where she visited her mum Joan (right)

‘I love Australia for the ‘no worries’ attitude,’ Deborah said.

‘Australia is an amazing country with amazing opportunities, beautiful rainforests, oceans and beaches, and fantastic wine.’

‘Unfortunately, what Australia does lack is prawn cocktail crisps, chocolate that tastes good, and above all, proper crumpets!’ 

‘Love that chocolate and crumpets made the list lol,’ one user commented.

‘I have just gotten back from 9 months back home in the UK and could not explain to work mates how bad crumpets are here compared to home,’ another user wrote. 

‘Chocolate was definitely rubbish in Oz,’ another chimed.  

The Melbourne resident has lived in Australia for 20 years with her husband Joe

Other users said Deborah would benefit from reading over the list and ‘actually think about what matters’.

‘Like, I don’t think that ‘bad chocolate’ or even ‘rubbish supermarkets’ is really going to make a large impact on your life,’ one user wrote. 

Other Brits also shared what they didn’t like about Australia.  

‘People in the UK have a sense of humor and are funny. The flies in Australia are horrendous and high UV is annoying in Oz,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘UK TV is better and grocery shopping is much cheaper/more choice (especially crisps and chocolate lol).’

‘We moved back [to England] earlier this year and it was the best decision. Schools are brilliant, academia is better, more options for education and uni, etc,’ one Brit wrote.  

Meanwhile, other users told the mother-of-two to lighten up and embrace Australian culture. 

‘Enjoy Australian architecture even the lovely homestead of old Queenslanders. They are just beautiful. Plenty of great Victorian architecture around too. England is beautiful but congested. Think of all the positives in Oz,’ one user commented. 

Another user wrote Australia is rich in Aboriginal history: ‘Aboriginal people are known to have occupied mainland Australia for at least 65,000 years. It is widely accepted that this predates the human settlement of Europe and America.’ 

Another user wished Deborah ‘good luck’ in choosing between the two countries. 

‘I’ve decided to ping-pong back and forth a bit longer …to enjoy the best of both hemispheres …one day I must choose but not today,’ the user wrote.  

Source: dailymail.co.uk

The grammar in this country is terrible

The grammar in this country is terrible

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This country needs a department of common sense