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Woman Pardoned 27 Years After Being Sentenced to Life as a Teen for Killing Man Who Trafficked Her

Sara Kruzan, a victim of underage sex trafficking who spent nearly two decades in jail after she killed her abuser and has subsequently evolved into a national spokesperson for prison reform, was recently granted clemency by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

In September 1995, Kruzan was found guilty of killing George Gilbert Howard when he was attempting to sexually assault her. She received a life sentence without the chance of parole. She was first involved with Howard as a teen who trafficked her for years.

At age 16, Kruzan was put on trial as an adult.

In 2010, the sentence was reduced by then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to 25 years to life in prison. Three years later, Kruzan was given a new sentence for second-degree murder: five years to life with a four-year firearm enhancement, for a total of 19 years in prison. Then, after serving 18 years in prison, she was freed.

Sara Kruzan was officially pardoned by governor Newsom. Credit: Sara Kruzan

But today, California Governor Gavin Newsom has fully pardoned the activist.

The pardon reads: “When Ms. Kruzan was 16 years old, she fatally shot the man who had abused her and trafficked her for sex.

“Ms. Kruzan has submitted to this office a formal application for executive clemency in the form of a gubernatorial pardon.

“She has provided evidence that she is living an upright life and has demonstrated her fitness for restoration of civic rights and responsibilities.

“Ms. Kruzan committed a crime that took the life of the victim. Since then, Ms. Kruzan has transformed her life and dedicated herself to community service.

At 16, Sara Kruzan Was Sentenced to Life Without Parole. Now She's Ready to  Take Back Her Story | Vogue

“This act of clemency for Ms. Kruzan does not minimize or· forgive her conduct or the harm it caused. It does recognize the work she has done since to transform herself.

“By the laws of this state it is proper that I, as Governor of the State of California, give testimony that, by completion of her sentence and good conduct in the community, Ms. Kruzan merits this pardon. “

Kruzan was one of 17 pardons, 15 commutations, and one medical reprieve that governor Newsom confirmed this week.

It is hoped that the decision will give some of those identified chances that they otherwise would not have had because of their convictions, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

Governor Newsom pardoned 17 people this week. Credit: Alamy

It read: “The California Constitution gives the Governor the authority to grant executive clemency in the form of a pardon, commutation, or reprieve.

“The Governor regards clemency as an important part of the criminal justice system that can incentivize accountability and rehabilitation, increase public safety by removing counterproductive barriers to successful reentry, correct unjust results in the legal system, and address the health needs of incarcerated people with high medical risks.

“These clemency grants recognize the applicants’ subsequent efforts in self-development or the existence of a medical exigency. They do not forgive or minimize the harm caused.

“A pardon may remove counterproductive barriers to employment and public service, restore civic rights and responsibilities, and prevent unjust collateral consequences of conviction, such as deportation and permanent family separation.

“A pardon does not expunge or erase a conviction.”

Steve Kirkendoll, who was sentenced to three concurrent terms of five years to life for robbery in 1977/78, as well as Henry Pachnowski, 82, who was born to Polish parents who were detained in Nazi labor camps during World War II, were also granted clemency.

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Vera Wang stuns fans and is called an ‘ageless beauty’ as she celebrates her 73rd birthday

The well-known fashion designer Vera Wang celebrated her birthday by joining her friends in singing along to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” The young Wang celebrated her 73rd birthday on June 27 and has since posted a number of images and videos with her 730,000+ Instagram followers.

Wang is pictured in the first post holding a bottle of her brand-new rosé prosecco from her self-titled Vera Wang Party wine line while donning a lovely two-piece pink dress. She completed the appearance with a glittering tiara.

She captioned the first post: “Celebrating my Bday with CAKES and KARAOKE…… and my new ROSÉ PROSECCO!!!!!!”

Wang included a photo of herself with her multi-tiered, silver cake that was accented with pink roses in her second post. She also uploaded a video of herself participating in karaoke, singing Stevie Wonder’s iconic “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” from 1970.

Last but not least, Wang’s third post gave her the chance to promote her brand-new prosecco once again and to provide a full-length photo of her amazing costume and towering silver high heels.

As spectacular as the celebrations appeared to be, Wang’s ever-youthful visage left the designer’s fans in awe.

Taking to the comment sections of the posts, fans showered the designer with compliments, with one person writing: “Happy birthday […] gosh share your secret please you look like [you’re] 30.”

A second Instagram user hailed Wang as a

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“Happy Birthday! Dang girl what’s your ageless secret,” a third added.

According to People, Wang’s high-end Italian prosecco was introduced last year and reportedly captures her “fashion-forward” style and “bright, lively” attitude.

Explaining her decision to launch a prosecco brand, Wang said in a statement: “I’ve dedicated my entire life to designing how people celebrate, and not just their weddings – from what they wear to how they entertain, from their tableaus and tablescapes, to how they live at home – and now, what they drink!”

Last year, another one of Wang’s Instagram followers asked for the designer’s secrets to her youthful appearance, to which she replied: “Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun.”

Source: vt.co

John Cena breaks Make A Wish Foundation record with 650 wishes granted

For the Make-A-Wish Foundation, John Cena has fulfilled 650 wishes, making him the first famous person to do so. The Hollywood great and WWE legend has granted more wishes than any other celebrity in the organization’s history, helping it reach an amazing milestone.

John Cena has granted more Make A Wishes than any other celebrity credit:Bang Showbiz

No other celebrity has ever reached the 300 landmarks, and Cena’s accomplishment coincides with WWE’s celebration of 20 years since his company debut.

As part of the company’s social media celebration of “Cena Month,” the triumphant milestone was revealed on WWE’s official Twitter account on Monday, June 19.

The tweet displayed a photo of the wrestling legend hugging a fan, with the caption: “@JohnCena has granted more wishes via @MakeAWish than any other celebrity in history. #CenaMonth,” while the picture featured the text “650+ wishes granted”.

Despite having granted more than 200 wishes each, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and fellow WWE superstar Hulk Hogan have all never surpassed the 300-wish threshold.

Fans praised Cena for his commitment to assisting the American non-profit organization for years after he announced the accomplishment on social media.

Fellow WWE Superstar John Layfield wrote: “Few people in history have meant as much to @wwe as @JohnCena – the best representative one could ask for, and a terrific human being. So proud of John and all he continues to do. This is amazing.”

Another fan shared: “Cena’s an absolute hero for this. He deserves the world for dedicating so much time to others. Bravo @JohnCena.”

A third poked fun at his “You can’t see me” slogan: “He did it all with no one being able to see him. @JohnCena are you God?”

In a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Cena explained why he loves granting wishes, saying: “The reason I love Make-A-Wish so much is that those are those families’ wishes.”

“You can do anything you want, and Make-A-Wish’s list is enormous, they literally will do anything you want. ‘I want to kick it with John Cena and go see him wrestle.’ That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life,” he continued.

“But all things considered, I love all that, I love that joy. I love that connection and that’s where I’m at right now. It is difficult to water to tread because everybody’s like, ‘Well, when?’ I just know not now,” he added.

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Johnny Depp All Set To Reunite With His Rock Band Hollywood Vampires For Overseas Tour

Johnny Depp, a well-known face in Hollywood, may not have had a fantastic start to the year 2022, but it appears the actor is making a lot of effort to get his faltering career back on track.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Hollywood Vampires

Depp is about to start an international tour after winning the most spectacular defamation lawsuit brought against his ex-wife, the actor Amber Heard.

According to Variety, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is traveling to Europe with his band Hollywood Vampires, which features rock royalty like Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Tommy Henriksen, for a foreign tour. The summer of the next year will see the actor depart on the tour.

The band members had announced their intention to cancel a tour in March of this year in an official statement to the international media source, citing COVID-19’s “travel restrictions.”

“We kept trying to make it happen, but unfortunately due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 travel restrictions, it is just not possible,” read the statement. 

Tour: Johnny Depp has reunited with his Hollywood Vampire bandmates as they are preparing to go on tour after he won his defamation trial against Amber Heard

The band, however, had planned to rejoin with their followers in Luxembourg and Germany to perform in six scheduled gigs now that the limitations have been relaxed. The rock band’s debut performance would take place on June 20, 2023, at Oberhausen’s Rudolf Weber Arena in Germany, and their final performance would take place on June 30, also that year, at Mainz’s Zitadelle.

The band’s tour dates for 2019 were announced in a post on their official Instagram page. According to the post, they are set to begin their tour on June 20 in Rudolf, Oberhausen. Additionally, they mentioned that the tickets would start selling on June 27.

They're back! The American actor, 59, will be heading on an overseas tour next year with his bandmates Alice Cooper, Joe Perry (all pictured in May 2019) and Tommy Henriksen

Prior to the tour, the 59-year-old celebrity performed with Jeff Beck as a special guest on his live shows. As the actor traveled to Europe to perform with the renowned guitarist just before the outcome of his trial, the performance grabbed headlines.

Band: Johnny, Alice and Joe (pictured in February 2016) formed the group Hollywood Vampires in 2012, initially performing cover songs to honor rock stars who died in the 1970s

During his trial against Amber Heard, Depp garnered a lot of sympathies, but he reportedly lost out on several projects, including the renowned Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 and Fantastic Beasts 3. Fans have asked the franchises to apologize to Johnny Depp and bring him back in his previously left-out roles.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Facebook went down yesterday for like 15 mins and these sarcastic tweets were trending on twitter

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